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Current Publications

The Forgotten Noble

Cast aside by her step father when her mother dies, the child Lady Gwendolynne grows up content and happy with her new life as Gwen the healer.

That is until Crown Prince Edmond breaks with tradition to choose his own bride.

Black mailed by her step father into returning to life as a noble because of the Prince's decree, Gwen must find a way to keep her adoptive family safe and return to her own life.

All she has to do is make sure the Prince doesn't find her interesting. How hard can it be to pull off boring and obey her step father at teh same time?

Fascinated by Lady Gwendolynne, Prince Edmond is determined to solve the mystery surrounding her. The Royal Court records aren't wrong. Her birth and nobility were all registered correctly. So where has this mysterious, fascinating beauty been hiding and why?

For both of these strong willed young nobles... winning their freedom means everything.


Kidnapped by aliens... Check

Told you are their princess ... Check

Only you can save their planet?!

Transported to a world where magic is a way of life and fairy bread is considered a healthy snack, can Callie's love of science and order help her save two galaxies?

All Callie wants is a 'how to' manual. What she gets is a wicked case of the hungries, a prophecy that she absolutely does not agree with and a bunch of aliens with some bad attitudes.

End of the world as we know it?... Check

In over her head...

Black Mail

Business Woman of the Year Dr Sarah Parker examines her wounds and knows murder is the answer

Jason's only fiteen but in one night discovers his true sexuality and the love of his life.

Kathy all-powerful high priestess of a secret clan knows if she leaves she will die.

Tracey finally finds the real value of friendship. It's worth millions!

Anthony has literally found the girl of his dreams. Ripping her blouse off was not the best of introductions

There's only one thing that could bring them all together in the same place at the same time... BLACK MAIL.